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What is alkaline water?

Why do we need to know about it?

How come we can’t just drink water from the city, or even filtered water from the city?

Alkaline water answers all these questions by possessing all the minerals, electrolytes, and other organic chemicals that your body needs to operate properly in the long term.

Oh, it is possible to live long without alkaline water, but you will encounter problems even if you drink filtered water.

There are a few common threads between the professional athlete and the 70-year-old person who is able to play tennis as if he or she were 30.

They all do their best to acquire alkaline water whenever they can. They know that they need alkaline water to perform their supposed impossible feats.

But alkaline water is not just for professional athletes. It is for everybody. Read on to find out about five particular brands of alkaline water that you should consider making part of your daily life.

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Top Five Best Alkaline Bottled Water Reviews

1. Qure Alkaline Water, 16.9 Ounce (Pack of 24)

Best Alkaline Bottled Water to drink Brand Reviews -2020 1Best Alkaline Bottled Water to drink Brand Reviews -2020 2
Coming in a pack of 24, Qure is good alkaline water for anybody who is mostly sedentary who just needs to drink one of these bottles a day along with their “regular” water. 24 bottles is a safe number to work with, without needing to worry about getting more in a week.

Qure water also comes in different “flavors” without sacrificing its pH levels, which are around 10. This will give you options if you want something that tastes different. Aside from pH levels, nothing else is sacrificed in Qure’s water. Every flavor is BPA free and is also fluoride free.

Qure’s water bottles are indeed BPA free, meaning that the bottles are reusable for any beverage. This gives every bottle in the pack a long term use as well.

Is it possible for water to be too good? In Qure’s case, it is. After tasting this water, you will likely want to keep going back for more, and the fact that only 24 bottles are in this case means that bottles will go away quickly. This goes double if you are very active and this goes triple if you have a family and all of you are active. Having 36 or 48 pack options would be very nice.

2. 1-Liter Bottles; Ionized Alkaline Bottled Water; Electrolytes for Taste; Better Rehydration; pH 9.5 or Higher; Pure Drinking Water by Essentia

Best Alkaline Bottled Water to drink Brand Reviews -2020 3Best Alkaline Bottled Water to drink Brand Reviews -2020 4
Essentia is perhaps the most well known brand of alkaline water. Does it match up to other brands?

It is every bit as good as other brands, weighing in at 9.5 on the pH scale. The fact that the case contains 1 liter bottles makes it ideal for athletes or anybody else who is active.

Essentia revolves around ionization to boost the pH levels in its water, which also allow it to contain other nutrients that make it not only taste very good but make it that much more healthful.

The bottles of Essentia water are BPA free so they are reusable. If you want to refill these bottles with water that is not optimized with alkaline, BPA is one chemical you know will not come in contact with.

Because Essentia uses ionization to spike its pH levels to 9.5, there will be inconsistencies. The ionizing process in water is not perfected yet, so it is very possible that you will be drinking water with pH levels of less than 9.5.

While this does not mean that you need to measure the pH levels of every bottle in Essenta’s pack, it does mean that you should not expect pH levels of 9.5 in Essentia’s bottles.

3. Hawaiian Volcanic Water, Naturally Alkaline, 100% Upcycled Bottle, 500mL (pack of 24) by Waiakea

Best Alkaline Bottled Water to drink Brand Reviews -2020 5Best Alkaline Bottled Water to drink Brand Reviews -2020 6
We don’t usually hear much about how charitable manufacturers are. This is not the case with Waiakea. Based in Hawaii, Waiakea donates a good amount of their profits to local Hawaiian non-profit organizations in the form of clean water.

Waiakea filters their water from volcanic rock, which accomplishes two things. The first thing it accomplishes is that it makes the water very flavorful, being one of the most flavorful water on the planet.

The second thing this filtration process does is eliminate the guesswork when it comes to pH levels. The pH levels in Waiakea’s water is 7.6 to 8.2, and that variation is set in stone. You will not need to worry about one bottle in a pack being 10 on the pH scale but another bottle being 5 on the scale. Waiakea has done all of this guesswork for you.

Unfortunately, the Waiakea brand of alkaline water is perhaps the least healthful alkaline water, with its pH levels not being as high as most other brands of alkaline water. The pH range of 7.6 to 8.2, while measured accurate, is not impressive as far as alkaline water is concerned.

4. Natural Alkaline Artesian Water-32 Fl. Oz Bottles (Pack of 6)-Alkaline Natural Artesian Water, Plastic Water Bottles, Recyclable by Evamor

Best Alkaline Bottled Water to drink Brand Reviews -2020 7Best Alkaline Bottled Water to drink Brand Reviews -2020 8
pH levels in any kind of water can be unreliable. This is even more the case with alkaline water, as certain nutrients and chemicals are placed in it to achieve the high pH levels that they are known for.

One of these chemicals are electrolytes. When too many electrolytes are placed in alkaline water, it can artificially raise the pH levels and affect the taste of the water. Many who drink alkaline water complain about this and look for better solutions.

That solution is Evamor, as it does not use as many electrolytes as other alkaline water brands do to increase their pH levels, but it still maintains pH levels that are much higher than tap water, measuring in the high 8 to low 9 range.

Because few electrolytes are not used, this range is much more accurate than brands who claim to have pH levels of 9.5 or higher.

Not enough bottles come in Evamor’s pack. There are only 6 bottles in the pack, with each bottle being 32 ounces. If you want to drink this water regularly, you will need to either purchase multiple packs or see if there are bigger packs of alkaline water out there.

5. Electrolyte Enhanced Alkaline Water, 50.7 Fl. Oz (Pack of 12) by AQUAhydrate

Best Alkaline Bottled Water to drink Brand Reviews -2020 9Best Alkaline Bottled Water to drink Brand Reviews -2020 10
It isn’t often for alkaline water to be offered in bottles that are larger than 32 ounces. Most of the bottles are either 16.9 ounces or 32 ounces, making it hard to store for the long term.

As negligible as this may be, AQUAhydrate’s bottles in this particular pack are 50.7 ounces.

And you get 12 of them.

This is extremely convenient for anybody who wants to store alkaline water for the long term, as opposed to having to order case after case of water. Having packs like this is something that even “regular” water manufacturers do not do.

The pH levels in AQUAhydrate’s water is suspect. It uses more electrolytes than most other brands to spike the pH and alkaline levels in their water, using a technique called electrolysis. The fact that they are doing this as well as utilizing electrolytes as well as having “electrolytes matter” as a slogan could bring up suspicions that AQUAhydrate water is no better than a case of Propel that you can buy at the store.

AQUAhydrate claims that the pH levels in their water is in the 9 range, but with only utilizing purified water, sodium chloride, and ionic mineral concentrate, this is difficult to believe.

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What makes alkaline water better than tap water or even filtered water?

Most know that tap water is not the most healthful. Sure it is better than soda, pasteurized fruit juice, and other beverages with a lot of sugar in them, but that is not saying much.

There are two main reasons why alkaline water is better than any kind of water that comes out of a tap or any water that is “filtered.”

The first of these is pH levels. pH levels determine how acidic or basic a substance is. The lower the pH levels, the more acidic the substance is. pH levels are scored on a 0 to 14 scale.

Most sodas and sugary drinks have very low pH levels, because they require acids in their creation. Most tap water has pH levels right around 7.
Acid will break things down, and the insides of your body are no exception. This is why you can drink a lot of tap water and not be perfectly hydrated.

Alkaline water gets its name from its high pH levels. This is one thing that you need to look for when selecting alkaline water that you want to drink.

Resist the temptation to trust any pH content of any given alkaline water at face value. While they will generally have higher pH levels than tap water, there is some variance that you should keep in mind.

Let’s say the brand of alkaline water that looks good to you claim that they have pH levels of 9.5. This should be the highest pH levels you should expect in any given bottle in the pack. Realistically, you should expect the pH levels to be about 1 to 2 points under that. In this case, that would be about 8 to 9.

The other thing that sets alkaline water apart from other water is electrolytes. While it is true that too many electrolytes can ruin the value of alkaline water, tap water and even some filtered water suffers from containing too few electrolytes, which shows in their low pH levels.

The thing about electrolytes is that if too many are used, it will cause a lot more variance in the higher pH levels in alkaline water. This is because many alkaline water manufacturers use electrolytes as a base for their water in the first place, as well as other minerals.

If this is a concern for you, then take the time to see what kinds of minerals the alkaline water brand is using. If too many are related to electrolytes and you do not trust the pH content, then do not be afraid to choose a different brand.

There are two types of water “consumers.” The first are people who are sedentary for most of the day, only being active at work or school or possibly when commuting to work or school.

This group does not need to be as hydrated as most health experts say. For this group, about 48 to 64 fluid ounces, consumed periodically throughout the day, is enough for optimum hydration.

If you are active beyond the demands of your vocation or other obligations, a gallon (128 fluid ounces) of water is the bare minimum for hydration. When you are active, you are depleting yourself of minerals and nutrients that your body uses to hydrate itself. This is why hydration is so important.

Knowing which group you are in will be extremely helpful in determining how much alkaline water you should buy, and if you should store it.

If you are not active, you can probably store alkaline water. Most alkaline water lasts two years if unopened. Knowing this, you can probably save money.

If you are active, you will need to not store alkaline water, but rather stock up on it. It is very rare that alkaline water is sold in gallon jugs, so you might just need to settle on buying it by the case. Fortunately, there are plenty of options for 32 ounce cases of alkaline water.