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Picking the right backsplash may seem like an insignificant or paltry affair compared to the rest of your kitchen design. However, backsplashes are almost always the focal point of your décor around which pivots the rest of your kitchen’s setup. Backsplashes reflect the area around them, adding depth to the room or showcasing the vibrant furnishings in front of it to double the glamour.

There is almost an endless selection of backsplashes that can complement your kitchen, or make a contrast to balance the aesthetic by adding a diverse color scheme to the place. In any case, first, you need to decide on the type of backsplash that fits your space.

Why Choose Glass For A Backsplash?

Architecture has come a long way. Traversing from the robustness of gothic and medieval brick structures to the light and accommodating atmosphere of ceramic and glass. Contemporary kitchen designs feature more subtle materials like glass than metal or brickwork. This is due to the plethora of benefits glass provides over other materials, especially when it comes to choosing an appropriate backsplash.

Glass offers an immensely wide range of textures and tints you can apply to it. Because of its smooth texture, glass can portray an uninterrupted pattern, unlike tiles where the grid-like lines break the pattern everywhere.

Everything That You Need To Know About Glass Backsplash For Your Kitchen 1

Glass is incredibly easy to clean. A cleansing liquid and a soft cloth do the trick every time. Tiles and metal are relatively harder to clean and require regular polishing or scrubbing. Tiles can quickly become greasy and metal loses its shine rapidly. Glass, on the other hand, is capable of maintaining its pristine look for a long time.

Glass reflects light and mirrors the area around it. This effect not only makes the room look wider but also adds depth to the room. These reasons make glass an excellent choice if you’re going for a small kitchen.

Finally, stained glass is not only easier to procure, but fits in, naturally, with the glass cabinets and modern appliances that always have a glass panel at the front. This effect is rarely achieved by other materials.

Things To Consider When Installing Glass Backsplash In Kitchen

Although I strongly recommend installing a glass backsplash, there are a couple of things you need to consider before making your decision. Glass is easy to clean, but it’s also very easily dirtied. Backsplashes need to be spotless in order to be attractive; water droplets and dust particles can easily cloud its surface. Hence, if you’re a low maintenance type of person, you may want to think twice.

Everything That You Need To Know About Glass Backsplash For Your Kitchen 2

Lastly, glass backsplashes need the company of other glass fittings in the kitchen such as glass cabinets, smart appliances, windows and glass walls to fit. They are NOT standalone pieces and you should always account for the entire theme of the kitchen when deciding your backsplash.
That being said, go ahead and give your kitchen the glass backsplash it deserves.

Cost Of Installing Glass Backsplash In Kitchen

Glass sheet backsplash is one of the best choices for your kitchen. If you want to estimate the cost of installing glass backsplash in the kitchen, then purchasing and installation costs range around $800 to $1400 including material and labor costs. This range is derived from the type of material used (we analyze only glass for the sake of simplicity) and the cost of labor involved. Glass can be of many types; with stained being the most commonly used type.

Glass usually costs around $7-30 per square foot depending upon the type and the complexity of the pattern on it. Peel and stick glass are very easy to place and any contractor won’t take more than $40 per hour. The type you want to buy affects the size you’re going for. For instance, stained glass should ideally cover a large part of the wall and should leave no area where one can see the wall behind. This works best from the base of the sink to the cabinets above. Additionally, the true potential of a stained-glass backsplash surfaces when accompanied by white light bulbs fitted inside the cabinet to which it stretches. The wiring and installation of these lights should add another $50-100 to your bill as this involves drilling and electrical work.

Cost Of Installing Glass Backsplash In Kitchen

The transparent glass, on the contrary, looks better when exposed to natural light. So, if your sink is close to a window or a glass wall, then transparent or mosaic glass is the way to go. This creates a mesmerizing reflective image encapsulating the entire kitchen. Furthermore, transparent glass does not need to stretch to all portions of the wall and you can flaunt your wall from behind it. This works best when the wall has a pattern of its own to boast.

You can probably get discounts for buying glass in bulk. Glass is pre-assembled before it has delivered so no chance of packing it in your car. You will have to factor in transportation costs, which are purely subjective to the location you are having them delivered.

Overall, your grand total should amount to the estimate we gave at the beginning of this section.