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Water bottles are perfect for carrying your unique daily blends of coffee, tea, water, and other fluids. However, some of them are left smelling or tasting like the last drink that was in there last. This mostly applies to plastic, metallic, and polycarbonate water bottles. On the other hand, glass water bottles don’t hold flavors from previous drinks.
The problem with glass water bottles is durability. They end up breaking after dropping them or due to other factors. This is why combining the benefits of glass, as the internal part of a bottle, and plastic or metallic as the outer part of a bottle, create a more versatile water bottle. Metallic/plastic external ensures durability while the internal glass lining doesn’t retain any flavors, and it’s easy to clean.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Glass Lined Water Bottle

Material – Glass-lined water bottles may have a plastic or metallic (steel/ aluminum) external surface, and a glass-lined internal surface. If you choose a water bottle with a plastic outer surface, makes sure it’s durable, and BPA and phthalate-free. If it’s a metallic outer surface, make sure it’s durable and rust-resistant.
Capacity – water bottles are available in different capacities to allow you to purchase the right size as per your needs. Choose a glass-lined water bottle that can hold the amount of water, coffee, tea, or any other fluid that is enough as per your daily or immediate requirements.
Design – This is in terms of style, ease of use, special features, and portability. Choose an easy to carry and use a water bottle. Although style doesn’t affect the performance of a water bottle, you should choose a style that you’re comfortable with.
Reusability – Purchase an easy to clean and reusable water bottle to save on cash and to protect the environment. Glass-lined water bottles are usually easy to clean for convenience. They are also comfortable to reuse since they do not retain previous content flavors.

How to Use a glass-lined water bottle?

The uses of a glass-lined water bottle are quite versatile due to the combination of two materials with different properties that complement each other.
A glass-lined water bottle is double-walled, which creates perfect insulation to hold hot or cold drinks for hours.
Due to the plastic or metallic external surface, glass lined water bottles are very durable. This enables long term or heavy-duty (outdoor activities) use.
Unlike plastic bottles and metallic bottles, glass-lined bottles don’t retain flavors. This makes them usable with any fluids without having to worry about flavor retention.
What is the best lightweight glass lined water bottle?
The best lightweight glass lined water bottle is the Glasstic Shatterproof Glass Water Bottle. This water bottle features a durable, shatterproof external plastic shell that is fitted with silicon seals to eliminate any risk of damage. The interior is made of pure glass, which makes it easy to clean and maintains the flavor of your beverages. This glass is safe for use even by children because it’s free of any chemical, shatterproof, and lightweight.

What’s the difference between bottled water and filtered water?

The difference between filtered water and bottled water is negligible in terms of mineral concentration. Most filtered/tap water contains the same levels of minerals as bottled water.
The significant difference comes in due to the risks posed when taking bottled water. Bottled water comes in plastic bottles which are filled with chemicals that leach into the water and enter our bodies. Filtered water, on the other hand, may contain chlorine and other chemicals which are still harmful. The good thing is, we can filter the tap water on our own using carbon-based filters to eliminate these chemicals and make the water safe for drinking.
Therefore, filtered water saves the environment by eliminating bottle disposal, and it also saves on the cost of buying bottled water.

Is filtered water better than bottled water?

In terms of minerals, bottled water and filtered water have negligible differences. Contrast comes in due to bottled water getting plasticizers, and endocrine disruptors leached into it. This makes it harmful for human consumption as it can lead to insulin, cardiovascular, and reproductive related complications.
Filtered/tap water is, therefore, safer because it doesn’t contain any chemicals from plastics. It’s also carefully monitored to ensure that it includes all the necessary minerals and no harmful chemicals. It’s recommended, however, to filter the tap water before drinking using carbon filters.

What is the best water filter bottle to buy?

The best water filter bottle is the GRAYL Geopress Water Purifier Bottle. This water bottle contains a unique water filtration system which eliminates all pathogens and sediments from any water. It’s suitable for adventurous people as they can filter any water they come across while exploring and make it safe for consumption.

Final Word

Water is an essential part of our lives as it keeps us hydrated and healthy. Drinking bottled water poses risks to the environment through pollution and to us through plasticizers and other chemicals found in plastic bottles. Therefore, keep yourself hydrated and healthy by consuming filtered water in a safe and reusable water bottle.